Most Interesting Museums All Over Spain

Spain was once the most powerful and richest nation in Europe, and is also the cradle of one of the world's great cultures. In bygone centuries, the great men and great families of Spain - like those in other parts of Europe - amassed considerable fortunes, and spent some of their money commissioning or acquiring works of art. The Catholic church in Spain was also a great patron of the arts. Today, while some of the treasures acquired or commissioned in past times remain in private hands or in churches, sometimes inaccessible to visitors, most of the major works of art acquired from the time of the Reconquest onwards are now in public collections or collections on view to the public.

In addition, Spain - since the start of the twentieth century - has given the world some of its most emblematic and original artists - notably Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro, many of whose works can be admired in museums and galleries in different parts of Spain.

As in most countries, the main art galleries in Spain are located in big cities, notably Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao: but there are other interesting galleries outside of these locations. The following list offers a selection of the best and most interesting museums and art galleries in Spain.